Why Schramm?


Schramm was founded in 1923, we make high end quality beds that perform on an extra function, high comfort economic sleep.


What do you mean by spring suspension?
High spring suspension gives you the perfect comfort feeling. We heat all of our springs in a furnace, this makes them hard and ductile. Heating the spring keeps it from loosing it reset forces and provides for continuous resilience for the spring. This takes time, but treating the springs like this makes them mature, like the maturing of a good wine!  The world is hectic but we spend time to make a better product. Heating of the springs is an old technique dating back to 50-70 years ago, we now live in a much faster world with newer technology but this is a time tested method. 
Schramm do not use latex or foambeds, is there a reason for this? 
We do use latex we use Talay latex, a thin layer on the top of our mattress’s, this is the best latex you can get and allows good circulation of air through the mattress and as well as allowing springs to spring back into shape.  Animal hair and natural fibres are the best materials for making beds but they don’t come move back into shape like latex, the Talay latex ensures you have a better bed for longer.
Can you tell me a little bit about why the mattress are organic? 
We are not completely against synthetic materials, we just feel that natural materials give you a more natural feeling but for allergy sufferers for example synthetic fibres can be better.
How long does it take to make one your bed systems from start to finish? 
It takes 100 - 150 hours, it is very labour intensive work.
Can a customer have any parts of the bed and mattress made bespoke to them? 
The beds are all made bespoke to suit the customers taste as well as to suit there personal comfort level.  There are various things that effect the mattress spring strength one of them being the mattress spring power the weight of the person.  This can all be customized to suit the particular sleeper. As well as this the aesthetics of the bed can be made bespoke say the size of the headboard or what fabric it is made out off.


I have read that the average person looses around half a litre of water a night, how do Schramm mattress’s aim to combat this? 
The aeration and ventilation of the mattress is what helps to combat this, the padding materials are connected to each other via an elaborate tacking method, rather than being glued almost air tight together like in most other mattress’s. This means air can freely circulate through mattress base and top allowing moisture to evaporate.

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