Grand Cru by Schramm


GRAND CRU - Schamm's premium bed is perfectly tailored to each individual, requiring almost 100 hours of master craftsman work.


The unique and innovative triple system GRAND CRU - European patented - is based on the handmade base mattress DIVAN. Manually braced and tied with hourglass springs in Winnweiler upholstery workshop. The dynamics of DIVAN's springs interact dynamically with the differentiated spring tensions of the intermediate mattress SILHOUETTE, which then supports the top mattress GRAND CRU N°1, and enhances its even closer adaption to the body shape - all three together creating the perfect plateau for sleep. ">


All models are available tailored. For the best possible adaptation to different body contours, the intermediate mattress SILHOUETTE and the top mattress GRAND CRU N°1 may be manufactured in one or two parts on request so that couples space can be fitted.


The joyfully curled headboard full of sensuality and the handmade upholstery offer a multitude of possibilities. The valance is pleated in all four corners and makes PRADO hover visually. A bed calling for attention – and for people who like to demonstrate their open-minded attitude towards life.

Modern rectilinearity combined with an unostentatious, high headboard and welted edging. The valance is pleated in all four corners, pleats are fixed by either a buttoned flap or a fashionable bow.


A clear-cut tufted headboard, with manual stitching and visible feet.   

A contemporary headboard without welted edging, with visible feet.  

The newest Grand Cru model emanates peace and comfort. The elements can be adjusted and tailored accordingly. 

And for who prefers a puristic style will be able to get GRAND CRU without a headboard and just dressed in a plain, refined silk ticking.




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