Territoire Cushion

Alexandre Turpault

Primarily inspired by Sergei Poliakoff Art works, the micro-geometry reminds almost immediately of fields viewed from the sky at some altitude. Earth seen from above looks like a wonderful patchwork of intricate fabric embroidered by silken stiches of roads and sparkling from the reflections of rivers water, shining like embedded diamonds. The unique material, 100% linen, makes it richer in textures and livelier on hand feel. Also, it conveys a unique airy comfort and freshness. The seasonal mix of cool colours from white to light green, and kaki to light grey blue adds one more layer of peaceful relaxation for the eye. A subtle made to measure bronze kaki braided piping brings a touch of preciousness with its mat patinated golden hue. Simple and sophisticated, casual and yet luxurious.

100% digital printed linen on both sides with 100% polyester filling.

Made in Italy.

Available in 2 sizes and bed end bedspread.

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