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Handmade in Germany

How long does it take to make one your bed systems from start to finish?
It takes 100 - 150 hours, it is very labour intensive work!

Can a customer have any parts of the bed and mattress made bespoke to them?
They can and they should! The beds are all made bespoke to suit each customer's personal comfort level and taste. Even for couples - we always recommend two tailored mattresses and base mattresses (they are of course seamlessly made to feel like one piece!). After all, it happens very rarely that two people are equally tall and heavy!

“Pure individualism for the highest sleep culture”





Schramm Spring Quality

What goes into making the ‘perfect’ mattress?
Every bed is only as good as its springs. They are the invisible soul of the mattress. At Schramm, we apply a century-old technique: after winding, the springs are slowly heated in a furnace to make them hard and ductile. This takes time, but heating the springs like this constitutes a kind of maturing process, like making a fine wine.

Is it really true that you sew each spring one by one into the pocket?
Yes we do, this is true hand-craftsmanship, and allows each individual coil to mould itself to the contours of the body - inch by inch. Pure individualism for the highest sleep culture.





Can you tell me a little bit about why the mattresses are organic?
We feel that natural materials give a more natural bed climate. We exclusively use pure new wool from free-range sheep in France, cotton, silk, linen and cashmere as well as natural padding materials. However for allergy sufferers, synthetic fibres are better and sometimes necessary.

How to you infuse technology?
We've paired traditional techniques with cutting edge technology - our unique 'shift-technology' is a motor-driven adjustment which moves the bed in perfect harmony.




What is your personal favourite Schramm mattress and bed system?
I am now sleeping on the Divina. I am also one of the product testers so I change which bed depending on what product we are testing at the time. We have 6-7 people testing products at one time, to ensure we are always delivering the highest quality.

Are you an early riser or do you like a lie in the morning?
I like a lie in! I am often late to bed so like to get up late too. A comfortable bed means you need a little less time in bed but it is still important to get a full amount of rest, sleep is regeneration for the body.

What do you love most about Hong Kong?
I like to think of Hong Kong as a city of contrast, with the busy bustling central and then with the jungle and nature on your doorstep. It is also a very special city to me: it is where we first started our business in Asia with Bed & Bath.


“We are a family run business, our hearts beat for quality, this is the core our business.”


Home of Sleep for Almost 100 Years




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